Catholic Lesson Plans

What Makes Catholic Lesson Plans Different?

Catholic Lesson Plans

Teaching in a Catholic school or parish religious education program, you know that lesson planning for religion is different from any other topic. While teaching about God and faith is essential, so too must we strive to teach young people to love God and serve him and others. This is no easy task. It takes careful planning and the use of practical resources and engaging activities to pull it off well.


Listed below you will find a collection of lesson plans that should help you teach religion.

The Religion Teacher Lesson Plans

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The Religion Teacher Lesson Plans

Top Catholic Lesson Plans from The Religion Teacher:

Lesson Planning Tutorials:

  1. Step 1: Lesson Preparation
  2. Step 2: Creating Lesson Objectives
  3. Step 3: Determining the Lesson Assessment
  4. Step 4: Selecting Teaching Strategies and Activities
  5. Are you Making these Lesson Planning Mistakes?

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