Get A Free Copy of The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning

The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning provides a framework for lesson planning and 250 essential activities and teaching strategies that will save valuable hours planning lessons and provide a treasure chest of ideas that will last the whole year. This free eBook provides a step-by-step process to lesson planning that anyone can easily implement.
The Religion Teacher's Guide to Lesson Planning

What is in the book?

  • A Four Step Lesson Planning System that most teachers fail to follow
  • Unit planning and lesson planning templates that make lesson preparation easy and organized
  • SWBAT lesson objective starters that will move students beyond simple tasks
  • Assessment ideas for students with various learning needs and multiple intelligences
  • The Learning PROCESS framework for designing instruction that will engage students and help them perform better on tests and assessments
  • 250 activities and teaching strategies that will provide so much variety, students will never complain, “Oh, not that again!”

This guide is free because the ideas contained within the eBook have made such an important impact in my career as a teacher that I want to share it with anyone who is interested in improving their lesson plans.

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Praise for The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning

“I have read the e-book, and it is fabulous! This will be a wonderful resource. It easily taught objectives and strategies far better than any of my Masters classes.”
–Angela, 8th Grade Religion and Science Teacher

“Just wanted to say thank you for creating and sharing (FOR FREE!!!) this wonderful tool and resource. I’m preparing to start my first full-time teaching position in the fall, and I’ve already learned so much and had so many great ideas from reading through your Guide. I appreciate all of the work you put into it.”
–Cristy Welch, Catechist