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At the core of every Catholic religious education curriculum are the Ten Commandments. Students have to learn them and review them every year. In order to teach the commandments effectively, we first need to teach them to know them then we need to help the students live them.

I’m a big proponent of religious education that integrates lectio divina. It helps young people understand what we believe, but more importantly, learn how to live what we believe.

The Religion Teacher’s Ten Commandments Worksheets are based on an approach to learning the Ten Commandments that integrates lectio divina. Students will reflect on how they can live what the commandment requires.

Before they can learn to live the commandments, though, they need to learn what they are. Included in the packet of resources are two bonus worksheets: a Ten Commandments Word Search and a Ten Commandments Crossword Puzzle. You can download both of these resources here:

ten-commandments-crossword-puzzle ten-commandments-wordsearch

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Each worksheet includes the traditional catechetical formula for the commandments, which is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and translated from the Old Testament.

The Religion Teacher’s Ten Commandments Worksheets includes worksheets for every commandment to help students not only learn but live them. It also includes the word search and crossword puzzle in this post as well as a set of flash cards to help students learn and remember what the commandments are. A perpetual license for the worksheets can be purchased for $9.95, but they are also available for use by premium members of The Religion Teacher.


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  1. Ray Hyde says:

    As a novice catechist, I really appreciate your thoughtful a nd helpful material. Thank you so much.

  2. Editha Ferrer says:

    Thank you Sir for this wonderful site, It helped me a lot especially in my lesson planning and different resources. I am a full time catechist.