Confirmation Project: Summertime Saints Survey

To prepare for their Confirmation, young people are required to pick a saint’s name similar to the name they were given at Baptism. Often parishes require the Confirmandi to do some research on their saints ahead of time so that they can pick a saint name that is meaningful to them. The problem is a […]

Pentecost Activities

Using this collection of Pentecost activities will help you bring this important feast day to life for students. With these activities, students will be able to explain the meaning of the word Pentecost, recount the events as they unfolded in the Bible, and explain how the Holy Spirit can be active in their own lives. Pentecost […]

Catholic Social Justice Activities

While not a commonly taught course, learning about social justice or Catholic social teaching is a priority for the USCCB and many parishes and schools. In my experience, students love it too. Teaching about the many issues regarding justice and mercy appeals to the hearts of young people and motivates them to want to create change […]

Catholic Social Teaching Crossword Puzzle and Word Search

It must not be supposed that the Church so concentrates her energies on caring for souls as to overlook things which pertain to mortal and earthly life. Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, 45 As catechists and religion teachers, we should be educating our students in Catholic Social Teaching for two reasons: It resonates with them. Students tend […]