Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Excited about the canonization of Mother Teresa? Ready to teach your students about her incredible life and witness to the gospel? I hope this collection of Saint Teresa of Calcutta activities, lesson plans, and worksheets will help! Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta Lesson Plans Mother Teresa Lesson Plan (Learning to Give) Bringing Lent Home with […]

Ten Commandments Word Search and Crossword Puzzle

  At the core of every Catholic religious education curriculum are the Ten Commandments. Students have to learn them and review them every year. In order to teach the commandments effectively, we first need to teach them to know them then we need to help the students live them. I’m a big proponent of religious education […]

Jubilee Year of Mercy Activities and Worksheets

From Advent 2015 to the end of the liturgical year in 2016, the Catholic Church is celebrating a Jubilee Year of Mercy. Pope Francis is encouraging the entire Church to meditate on God’s mercy in their lives and to share that mercy with others. The following resources may help you in planning your Year of […]

All Saints Day Activities for Children

The resources found within this collection of All Saints Day activities can be used to celebrate the November 1st Solemnity, but many of these saints resources can be used all year round. Explore each of the websites and resources below for ideas to help you teach about Catholic saints in your classroom. The Gospel reading […]

Nine Activities and Lesson Ideas to Teach about Pope Francis’s Visit to the United States

A full and varied schedule highlights Pope Francis’s first apostolic visit to the United States. If you are reading this prior to his September 2015 visit, plan to follow along with the pope on his journey through appropriate mention and study in your theology classes. If the trip has already occurred, some of these suggestions can also work well in review or in conjunction with another trip the […]

Six Activities to Help Teach about the Parables

“The disciples approached him and said, ‘Why do you speak to [the crowds] in parables?’ He said to them in reply, ‘Because knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been granted to you, but to them it has not been granted.’” Matthew 13:10-11 When Jesus spoke to the crowds (the group of […]

Ascension of the Lord Worksheets

Help students explore the meaning of the Ascension of the Lord with a couple of worksheets from The Religion Teacher membership website and The Religion Teacher’s Rosary Activity Pack. A good catechetical worksheet not only helps students recall information, it helps them reflect on how God is working in their lives today. When I create […]

Transfiguration Activities & Worksheets

Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother John, and led them up a high mountain apart by themselves. And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became dazzling white, such as no fuller on earth could bleach them. Mark 9:2-3 At a turning point in the Gospels, Jesus was transfigured along with Moses and Elijah. The disciples […]

Beatitudes Activities: 11 Teaching Ideas for Religious Educators

One of the most commonly requested topics from teachers, catechists, and fans of The Religion Teacher has been the Beatitudes. I cannot believe this is the first time I’ve ever written or created something about this important set of teachings of Christ. I took a little time and did some brainstorming on all of the […]

Sacraments Activity: Matching/Memory Game

Kids love playing games. As a catechist, I love seeing kids learn about their faith. When you find an activity that kids love while they learn, you’ve hit a sweet spot. The sacraments matching game did that for our class this year and I’m looking forward to being able to use the game again throughout […]