Stations of the Cross Activities, Worksheets, and Coloring Pages

The Stations of the Cross is a wonderful devotion for you to practice with your class during Lent. If possible, devote some of your class time to the preparation for or participation in the Stations of the Cross. Use these Stations of the Cross activities and printables to help teach about Christ’s Passion and Death or prepare your students to go through the Stations with the rest of the parish or school.

stations-of-the-cross-activitiesStations of the Cross Activities

3 Ways to Craft the Stations of the Cross (

Stations of the Cross Games (The Catholic Toolbox)

Scriptural Way of the Cross for Teens (Engaging Faith)

Stations of the Cross Magnets (

Stations of the Cross Activities and Resources (JOYFilled Family)

Stations of the Cross Eggs (Catholic Icing)

Stations of the Cross Flip Book (Catholic Inspired)

Shadow Stations of the Cross (The Hill County Hermit)

Stations of the Cross Worksheets

Stations of the Cross Word Search

This word search from The Religion Teachers Lenten Activity Pack requires students to know the names of each station in order to find the clues in the cross. The words together make the shape of a cross.

The Way of the Cross Journal

This multi-page worksheet invites students to meditate and pray at each station by imagining what Jesus would say to us about his experience and the response in prayer we might have for him. This method of praying the stations is based on Clarence Enzler’s popular Everyone’s Way of the Cross. This resource is also available to members.

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Other Way of the Cross Worksheets:

Stations of the Cross Crossword (Domestic Church)

Stations of the Cross Fill-in-the-Blanks (

Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages

Important: If you choose to spend valuable class time coloring pictures of the Stations of the Cross, be sure to use the pictures to actually pray the Stations.

Here are some teaching ideas to take coloring to the next level:

  • Distribute one printable Stations of the Cross coloring sheets to each student. Have them color and decorate the sheet however they like. Then, post each sheet around the room and go through the Way of the Cross with the students using their pictures as the stations.
  • Laminating the coloring sheets at the beginning of Lent will make them last much longer!
  • Use the coloring sheets as an introduction to a more in-depth activity. Have students color the paper together, then have them act out or demonstrate the stations as well.
  • Make the coloring prayerful experience. With each color they choose, have them recite the prayer we pray during the Stations: “We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

Here are some places to download Stations of the Cross coloring sheets:



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