Pictionary Vocabulary the Review Game

Materials needed:
1) a list or cards of vocabulary terms and
2) whiteboard, chalkboard, or smart board and markers/chalk

Number of Teams: 2


  1. Each team will take turns sending one “artist” to draw a picture of a vocabulary word given by the teacher.
  2. The artist will be given a time limit to draw the vocabulary word. Note: instruct them that they may not draw sounds of the word, but must draw concepts related to the meaning of the word.
  3. The other members of the team must verbally say the vocabulary term until the artist hears them say it.

This is great for visual learners. Also, if you are a visual learner (like me) you probably draw a lot of pictures to teach students concepts. They should be able to recreate these drawings to illustrate vocabulary terms.

It is sometimes very difficult for students to visually represent the definition that you want them to represent. Often students draw something about the word rather than the definition of the word they have learned. For example, if you are doing a unit on the Bible and the use the word “canon” (as in the official list of the books of the Bible) students are likely to draw a picture of the weapon rather than the meaning you are looking for. You might also run into a student just reading all the vocabulary words off of a study guide. Make sure all study guides are put away.

Inspired by Linda Tilton’s The Teacher’s Toolbox for Differentiating Instruction.


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