Old Testament Resources

Old Testament Books and Commentaries

HarperCollins Bible Commentary – This commentary is the most popular resource for scholars and students. Every graduate-level Scripture class I have taken has suggested or required this book.

The HarperCollins Study Bible – This NRSV translation probably isn’t the best Bible for children, but the footnotes provide a nice supplement to the  St. Joseph Edition of the NAB. I especially like the concordance in this edition.

New American Bible: St. Joseph Edition – This is the text that is used in the United States for readings at Mass. The footnotes are very helpful in understanding the context of Scripture and is based heavily on the Second Vatican Council’s Document, Dei Verbum.

New Jerome Biblical Commentary– Though pricey, this is the classic Biblical commentary from a Catholic perspective. The contributors include the great scholars Raymond Brown and Joseph Fitzmeyer.

The Old Testament: Our Call To Faith and Justice, This Old Testament textbook by Daniel Smith-Christopher provides a great perspective on the Old Testament with a focus on Catholic social justice.

Understanding the Old Testament by Bernard Anderson – This classic work of scholarship on the Old Testament provides research on the history and development of the Old Testament. I use an older edition of this book as a reference for the history behind the Old Testament often.

A Quick Journey Through the Bible (Great Adventure) – This program, developed by Jeff Cavins, has become very popular lately in the Catholic Church. Adults and children alike have found it to open up new insights to stories they thought they new.

Bibles for Kids and Teens

A Child’s First Bible (Ages 4-8) – Possibly due to its title, this Bible seems to be the first Bible given to many young children at their Baptisms. The pictures help it live up to its name.

Catholic Bible for Children(Ages 4-8) – This version of the Bible for children provides enough to make it a teachable tool and the pictures help bring the stories to life.

Breakthrough!: The Bible for Young Catholics(Ages 9-12) – Extended from the popular Catholic Youth Bible, Breakthrough tries to reach a younger middle school age group of children.

The Catholic Youth Bible (Ages 14-18) – Purchased by many Catholic high schools and youth groups, this Bible includes various teen-related sidebars.

The International Student Bible For Catholics(Ages 14-21) – A solid presentation of the New American Bible, this edition includes a number of supplemental resources for readers to help use the Bible in their studies.

Old Testament Websites

BibleGateway.com – This spectacular site provides an effective search engine for the Bible. It does not have the New American Bible, but it is a nice starting point for searching for keywords or topics.

The New American Bible (USCCB.org) – You can find a digital version of the NAB online at the USCCB website. I find it to be difficult to copy and paste from the site, but it is a nice starting point for using the Bible to teach.

BiblePlaces.com – This site offers a collection of great photos of the Promised Land and the surrounding regions.

Old Testament Lesson Plans and Activities

Lectio Divina and the Old Testament

Lectio Divina for Children and Teens – A series of handouts that helps guide student through various stages in the process of lectio divina. This eBook is perfect for an introduction to this sacred practice as well as ongoing activities that help students pray with the Bible.