Lesson Plan: Pope Francis TED Talk

Pope Francis surprised the conference guests (and the world) when he offered the first TED talk by a pope. TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design.” It is a conference that is popular among tech startups, science enthusiasts, and Silicon valley entrepreneurs. The talks given during these conferences are distributed online and often have viral messages […]

Divine Mercy Lesson Plan and Activities

Give your students a great spiritual gift this year. Introduce them to the devotion to Divine Mercy with this lesson and activities. The Divine Mercy devotion originated with a polish nun, St. Faustian Kowalski, who had visits from Christ in the 1930s. She wrote down her conversations with Jesus in a diary, which included a […]

Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Excited about the canonization of Mother Teresa? Ready to teach your students about her incredible life and witness to the gospel? I hope this collection of Saint Teresa of Calcutta activities, lesson plans, and worksheets will help! Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta Lesson Plans Mother Teresa Lesson Plan (Learning to Give) Bringing Lent Home with […]

Holy Spirit Lesson Plan

The Holy Spirit is often the most difficult person of the Trinity to explain to young people. They have seen plenty of art work depicting God the Son. They are at least able to wrap their minds around God the Father, even if their concept of him is as an old man with a white […]

What is the Church? Lesson Plan

One of my favorite lessons to teach students of all ages is the distinction between a church as a building and the Church as a people. We use the word “church” in so many different ways, but it is so important that our young people know that the real meaning of the Church refers to […]

The Liturgy of the Eucharist Lesson Plan

This is part 2 of a lesson I recently shared: The Liturgy of the Word Lesson Plan. In this short lesson, I wanted to introduce my second grade students to the importance of the words we pray during the Liturgy of the Eucharist and to help them understand the meaning of transubstantiation (without actually introducing […]

The Liturgy of the Word Lesson Plan

I realized as I was teaching one of the final lessons of the year this week that I don’t share what I actually do in class often enough. I make a lot of suggestions based on what works for me, but it has been awhile since I shared a full lesson plan that I have […]

Liturgical Year Lesson Plan and Flashcard Activity

How do you introduce young people to the liturgical year? Most catechists and religion teachers spend in-depth class meetings focusing on each individual seasons, especially during Advent and Lent. Sometimes, though, it is important to zoom out and help young people see the whole picture. The liturgical years isn’t about colors and rituals. The seasons […]

Moses Lesson Plans

One of the most important figures in the Old Testament is, of course, Moses. Moses was called by God to lead the people of Israel out of captivity in Egypt and into the freedom of the Promised Land of Israel. Most of his life story appears in the Book of Exodus, but also in Leviticus, […]

Habemus Papam! Pope Francis Lesson Plan

Habemus papam! As we all scramble to find resources to teach about the newly elected Pope Francis, I offer this initial Pope Francis lesson plan to help your students understand the significance of his first few moments as the Holy Father. I was personally very moved by the the events that unfolded at the conclusion […]