3 Passive Learning Objectives That I Never Use

Passive Learning

I’ve written often on this site and in my eBook about the importance of writing out learning objectives for your students. These learning objectives, or lesson objectives, set a goal for your students to reach during the course of the lesson. It allows you as a teacher to focus only on the teaching strategies and [...]

SWBAT Verb Examples


SWBAT stands for “Students Will Be Able To…” and it should begin all of the lesson objectives that you write as a teacher. Using SWBAT properly places the focus of a lesson plan on what the students learn and do rather that what the teacher teaches and does. As I have previously written, too many [...]

Are you making these lesson planning mistakes?

Ben Stein as a Teacher

Are you making the following mistakes? I have and sometimes I still do. They are bad habits that all of us need to avoid at all costs.

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Create Lesson Objectives

In order to expand on a previous post titled “Creating Lesson Objectives,” here is a short introduction to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Many teachers use Bloom’s Taxonomy to select an action verb for lesson objectives. Bloom’s taxonomy categorizes different levels of learning to allow teachers to think about what level they want their students to learn: knowledge, [...]