Catholic Social Justice Activities

Social Justice Activities

While not a commonly taught course, learning about social justice or Catholic social teaching is a priority for the USCCB and many parishes and schools. In my experience, students love it too. Teaching about the many issues regarding justice and mercy appeals to the hearts of young people and motivates them to want to create change in our world.

The following collection of social justice activities are meant to help you get started in teaching about justice issues. To give your students a thorough introduction to Catholic social justice, check out The Religion Teacher’s Catholic Social Teaching Activity Pack.

Websites with Social Justice Resources

These websites have been go-to resources for teaching about social justice over the years. Note that some of the resources focused on current events issues may need to be thoroughly reviewed to make sure that they align with Catholic social thought.

CST Learning Center (USCCB)

Justice, Peace, and Human Development Resources (USCCB)

Poverty USA (USCCB)

Faithful Citizenship (USCCB)

CRS Resource Center (Catholic Relief Services)

Education for Justice (Center of Concern)

Catholics for Peace and Justice

Social Justice Resources (Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis)

Social Justice Resource Center

Teaching Tolerance (

Collections of Catholic Social Teaching Activities

Catholic Social Teaching Lessons and Activities (Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers)

Catholic Social Teaching Resources (Catholic Religion Teacher)

10 Social Justice Activities to Try in Class (Education World)

A Collection of Resources for Teaching Justice (Cult of Pedagogy)

Social Justice Resources (Ave Maria Press)

Social Justice Resources (Saint Mary’s Press)

Catholic Social Teaching Resources (Loyola Press)

Catholic Social Teaching Worksheets

The Catholic Social Teaching Activity Pack (The Religion Teacher)

Catholic Social Teaching Crossword Puzzle and Word Search (The Religion Teacher)

Working for Justice Crossword (Saint Mary’s Press)

Catholic Social Teaching Games, Crafts, and Other Activities

Catholic Social Teaching Monopoly (Ave Maria Press)

Catholic Social Teaching Tree (Beth Anne’s Best)

Using Editorial Cartoons to Teach Social Justice (Teaching Tolerance)


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