Popple: “Acoustic Humor Rock” Music for Catholic Teens

I had the opportunity to meet Kyle and Dan from the Catholic band “Popple” a couple of weeks ago at a Confirmation Retreat.  Popple is a popular Catholic band that travels the country singing at parishes, high schools, diocesan events, youth rallies, and conferences. 
I caught up with Dan last week for a quick interview. 
Kyle and Dan met at Purdue University through the campus ministry program.  Kyle was a campus minister and Dan was a student.  They started to jam together and eventually found themselves playing at parishes and leading retreats.  After Dan finished college and Kyle returned from a year of discernment in Honduras with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, the two of them gave their music ministry a shot.  Thousands of teens couldn’t be happier with their decision. 
Dan describes their unique blend of music as Catholic “Acoustic Humor Rock.”  They are able to connect with Catholic teens in ways teachers and youth ministers can really learn from. Their goals is to “present faith in a way that shows you can be young, normal, funny, and have fun with faith.” They want to help teens see that the Catholic faith isn’t just for old people. 
A typical Popple event (if one could be called typical) includes three elements: 1) fun/interactive music, 2) keynote speeches, and 3) liturgical praise and worship music.  They provide entertainment and inspiration that every Catholic teen should  experience for themselves.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.  If you have a big teen event in your school or diocese, then you should seriously consider bringing them in.   
Popple’s Response to the Haitian Earthquake
Kyle and Dan have teamed up with a number of Catholic musicians to form a community of called Aftermass Records. In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, this community is offering a compilation CD of a number of Catholic artists that you can obtain only online.  You have the option to download this CD for you or your students either with money or prayers.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to Catholic Relief Services to be used for Haiti relief.  The prayers, of course, may be just as powerful. It benefits a great cause.  It can be a great social justice lesson and the music will work perfectly as a supplement to your lessons.  You can download the music (donate & pray) at http://aftermassrecords.com/
Check out Popple at www.popple.us

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  1. Kyle Heimann says:

    Thanks for the article. I learned a bunch from it!
    God bless.
    -Kyle from Popple