Pope Benedict XVI’s Catechesis on Saint Augustine of Hippo

Pope Benedict XVI dedicated five Wednesday audiences to St. Augustine of Hippo in February of 2008. It was a part of an ongoing meditation on the lives of the saints of the Catholic Church that he began in 2006 with the saints of the New Testament. In 2007 Pope Benedict moved from New Testament heroes to the Patristic Fathers of the Church. In 2008 Pope Benedict returned to his meditations on the Fathers of the Church beginning with St. Augustine. Visit the Vatican website for Pope Benedict’s Wednesday audiences. Beginning this month you can find a video of the Holy Father’s audiences.

If you are looking for some reflections on Saint Augustine of Hippo for his feast day today or at any other time, check out these reflections by Pope Benedict XVI’s:

  1. 9 January 2008, Saint Augustine of Hippo (1)
  2. 16 January 2008, Saint Augustine of Hippo (2)
  3. 30 January 2008, Saint Augustine of Hippo (3)
  4. 20 February 2008, Saint Augustine of Hippo (4)
  5. 27 February 2008, Saint Augustine of Hippo (5)

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