Pope Activities and Lesson Plans for Kids

Pope Activities and Lesson PlansWith the papal conclave nearly upon us, I put together this list of pope activities and pope lesson plans to use with the kids in your religious education classroom. Ever since Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, I’ve been amazed by all the incredible resources that catechetical bloggers and teachers have posted to their websites (and thank you for posting them to Pinterest!). Try some of these great activities:

Pope Activity Ideas

Catholic Icing’s List of Pope Activities for Catholic Kids (Catholic Icing)

Electing a New Pope (Information and Activities for Students) (The Catholic Toolbox)

What the Pope Does Activities (Pflaum)

Symbols of the Pope Activities (Pflaum)

Life of Pope Benedict XVI Activities (Pflaum)

Peter and Paul: United by a Common Feast (Engaging Faith)

Pope Crafts and Games

Papal Lap Book & Papal Unit Study (Shower of Roses) […this one is really incredible!]

JPII Mitre Craft for Kids (Catholic Icing)

Papal Flag Pretzels (Catholic Icing)

Papal Flag Craft for World Youth Day (Catholic Icing)

Conclave Smoke Craft (Catholic Inspired)

Simon Peter Says Game (Catholic Inspired)

Electing a Pope File Folder Game (The Catholic Toolbox)

Pope Worksheets and Printable Coloring Pages

Pope Benedict XVI Coloring Page (Waltzing Matilda)

Pope John Paul II Coloring Page (Saint-Faustina.com)

Blank Pope Coloring Page (Catholic, Etc.)

Pope Benedict XVI Coloring Page (Happy Saints)

Electing the Pope Worksheet (The Catholic Toolbox)

Pope Lesson Plans

Papal Conclave Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

Pontifex Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

Lessons on Pope Emeritus Benedict and the Papal Conclave (Catechesis in the Third Millennium)

Pope John Paul II Lesson Plan (Discovery Education)

ESL Lesson Plan on the Pope Benedict XVI (Breaking News English)

Lesson Plan Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to the United States (New York Times)

Peter and the Papacy Lesson Plans (Catholic Education Resource Center)

What can I add to this list of papal activities and lesson plans? Share some of the resources I missed in the comments below. 


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  1. Great round-up! I came and searched your site when I made mine so I could link back to yours, and was surprised when you didn’t have one. lol. Guess I was just a little too early. 😉

    • Hi Lacy! I’ve been on the road ever since the Holy Father made the announcement. I got them up as soon as I could. Thanks for your great work and ideas! We use them as a family and I know many religious educators love the links to your site.

  2. Thanks for your work in compiling this list, Jared. Loyola Press offers resources, including 10 Things to Know About Electing the Pope: http://www.loyolapress.com/church-leadership.htm.

  3. Hi Jared,
    Thanks for adding my posts to your list! Your site really is a great resource. It’s wonderful to see! May God bless you for all the kind works you do.