Pentecost Activities

Using this collection of Pentecost activities will help you bring this important feast day to life for students. With these activities, students will be able to explain the meaning of the word Pentecost, recount the events as they unfolded in the Bible, and explain how the Holy Spirit can be active in their own lives.

Pentecost Activities, Worksheets, Games, and Crafts

Pentecost Activities for Youth

Pentecost Lesson Plan (The Catholic Toolbox)

10 Pentecost Activities for Kids and Families (Traci Smith)

Holy Spirit Lap Book (Rosary Mom)

Pentecost Ideas for Youth Ministry (Rethinking Youth Ministry)

Activities for Pentecost (The Catholic Toolbox)

A Birthday Celebration Pentecost Activity (Sermons4Kids)

Filled with the Holy Spirit Balloon Activity (Sermons4Kids)

Prayers and Activities for the Feast of Pentecost (Sadlier)

Pentecost Activities and BLMs (Loyola Press)

Eight Ways to Teach Ascension and Pentecost (Catechist’s Journey)

Four Ideas for Celebrating Pentecost (Catechist’s Journey)

Discipleship Pledge Cards for Pentecost (Catechist’s Journey)

Pentecost Worksheets

Pentecost Crossword Puzzle (DLTK)

The Day of Pentecost Crossword Puzzle (Sermons4Kids)

Receive the Holy Spirit Pentecost Worksheet (The Religion Teacher Members)

The Coming of the Holy Spirit Pentecost Worksheet (The Religion Teacher Members)

Vene, Sancte Spiritus Worksheet (The Religion Teacher Members)

The Two Pentecosts Worksheet (Saint Mary’s Press)

Pentecost Crafts

Pentecost Bible Crafts and Activities (Danielle’s Place)

Holy Spirit Scripture Wheel (Catholic Playground)

Pentecost Play Doh Mat (Flame Creative Children’s Ministry)

Pentecost Stained Glass Craft (DLTK)

Easy Pentecost Craft for Kids (Catholic Icing)

Pentecost Pin-less Pinwheel (Catholic Inspired)

Holy Spirit Activities and Games

Holy Spirit Lesson and Paper Toss Game (The Religion Teacher)

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

Catholic Confirmation Activities (The Religion Teacher)

Holy Spirit and Scripture Search (Ave Maria Press)

Holy Spirit Memory Game (Ave Maria Press)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Dove Craft (Catholic Icing)

Fruits of the Holy Spirit File Folder Game (The Catholic Toolbox)

Holy Spirit File Folder Game (The Catholic Toolbox)



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