Palm Sunday Video

Spirit Juice Studios and Outside da Box Productions have developed an incredible new video for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. If you teach teens or middle school students, this Palm Sunday video is spectacular.

The video depicts two young men and their mother listening to the long Palm Sunday Gospel reading. One of the two young men, though he is bored at first, experiences a profound vision of Christ’s Passion and Death. Suddenly, he realizes how personal the Paschal Mystery really is. The video culminates in a powerful appreciation for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

The Palm Sunday Video

A special thanks to Eric Groth and his ministry at Outside da Box for such spectacular work! You can find out more about the movie at


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  1. Those boys were poorly catechized.

  2. I have chill bumps. I have to tell you what happened Jared. I just putting the finishing touches on a blog post I’ve been working on for several days and I scheduled it to post tomorrow morning. Right before I logged out I decided to bounce over to check my email. I was feeling a little blue. Rough day at work as a high school religion teacher and I said a quick prayer for something to give me hope. That’s when I found the Palm Sunday video you recommended. The amazing part — my blog post — It’s about time traveling back to the first Good Friday and accepting the responsibility today for what happened then! Thank you so much for being part of such an incredible confirmation that I am doing God’s work. I could cry.

    • Allison, I had the same experience. I got chills just watching the video. I hope it will continue to be so powerful for teens throughout the entire year.

  3. Connie says:

    Wow!!! I will be showing this to my class of 6th, 7th ,& 8th graders. I teach religion in a Catholic School and I am always looking for ways to grab the attention of them.

  4. Surennah Werley says:

    OH, my goodness. That is amazing!