OCEA 2013: Effective Ed-tech and No-tech Teaching Strategies for Classroom Engagement

Thank you for coming to Jared Dees’ 2013 OCEA presentation. Here are some links to some further reading about the strategies and tools he mentioned.

The Effective Teaching Strategies

  1. Bell Work: Bell Work Activities 
  2. Learning Objectives: 31DBBRE: Day 21: Draft or Edit Student Learning Objectives
  3. Advance Organizers: Why Use Advance Organizers (and Five Examples)
  4. Share the Hook: The Hook (Technique: 12 from Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov)
  5. Lectures: Made to StickGraphic Organizers
  6. Reading Textbooks: 31DBBRE: Day 25: Change the Way Students Read the Textbook
  7. Formative Assessments: 31DBBRE: Day 22: Assess without a Test 
  8. Performance Assessments: What is Performance-based Learning?

The Ed-tech Tools