First Communion Activities

First Communion Activities

I’m very excited to be teaching second grade this year! I will be helping young people prepare for their First Communion and First Reconciliation. Since I’m new to this age level, I’ll be collecting as many First Communion activities and ideas as I can throughout the year and adding my own contributions I create them for my class. If you are teaching second grade or preparing children for their First Communions and Reconciliations this year, I hope you will check back here for more activities or send me your ideas and experiences with what worked best for you and your students.

Collections of First Communion Activities

Catholic Mass Activities (The Religion Teacher)

A Collection of First Communion Activities by Laura Grace (The Catholic Toolbox)

Lacy’s First Communion Ideas (Catholic Icing)

First Communion Resources (Many Little Blessings)

Popular First Communion Activities to Use Throughout the Year

First Communion Journal (Catholic Icing)

Sacrament of Holy Eucharist File Folder Game (The Catholic Toolbox)

First Holy Communion Preparation and Printable Patters eBook (Many Little Blessings)

Catholic Mass PowerPoint Game (The Religion Teacher)

Parts of the Mass Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of the Eucharist Symbols Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of the Eucharist Effects Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

First Communion Crafts

First Communion and First Reconciliation Crafts (Catholic Inspired)

Make a First Communion Banner (Catholic Icing)

Catholic Crafts for First Communion (eHow)

Host and Chalice Craft (Catholic Icing)

True Presence and the Eucharist Printable Craft (Catholic Icing)

Homemade First Communion Cakes (Many Little Blessings)

Jesus and the Eucharist Catholic Art Project (Catholic Inspired)

First Communion Worksheets

Holy Communion Crossword Puzzle (Catholic Mothers Online)

Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Pack (Many Little Blessings)

First Communion Coloring Page (Edupics)

First Communion Printable (Catholic Icing)

The Body and Blood of Christ Worksheet (The Religion Teacher Members)

First Communion Banner Ideas

First Communion Banners (Catholic Icing)

How to Make a First Communion Banner (Many Little Blessings)

First Communion Banner #1 (Catholic Inspired)

First Communion Banner #2 (Catholic Inspired)

First Communion Banner #3 (Catholic Inspired)

First Communion Books

Children Discover the Mass (

A Child’s Guide to First Holy Communion (

First Communion Preparation and Printable Pattern eBook (Many Little Blessings)

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  2. Sister Frances Marie says:

    I would like to receive activities for teenagers who are preparing for the Sacraments of Baptism and First Communion. Thank you!