Catholic Mass Activities for Kids

There are so many fun ways to teach kids about the Catholic Mass. This collection of Catholic Mass activities should help you plan your next lesson about the mass or help prepare students for school or parishes masses throughout the year. Whether you are teaching students about the liturgy or specifically about the Eucharist, try some of the activities below in your parish or school classrooms.

Catholic Mass Activities

General Catholic Mass Activities

Catholic Mass Reflection Questions (The Religion Teacher)

Celebrating the Mass Lesson Plans (The Catholic Toolbox)

Hocus Pocus! New Roman Missal Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

New Roman Missal Student Activity Pack (The Religion Teacher)

Liturgy of the Word Sequence (The Catholic Toolbox)

Catholic Mass Worksheets (

Catholic Mass Pew Cards (The Religion Teacher via Teachers Pay Teachers)

How to Get Teens to Participate in Mass (

This Week’s Liturgy: Sunday Gospel Reflection Questions (Sadlier)

Sunday Connection: Weekly Background and Activities for the Readings (Loyola Press)

Last Supper Lesson and Worksheets (Sermons 4 Kids)

Activities about the Meaning of the Prayers and Parts of the Mass

“And with Your Spirit” Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

The Interactive Catholic Mass Parts PowerPoint Game (The Religion Teacher)

Catholic Thanksgiving Lesson Plan (The Religion Teacher)

Parts of the Mass Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of the Eucharist Symbols Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of the Eucharist Effects Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Transubstantiation Exercise (Engaging Faith)

Celebrating the Mass Activities (The Catholic Toolbox)

Picture Book of the Mass (Catholic Icing)

First Communion Activities and Books

First Communion Activities (The Religion Teacher)

First Communion Banners (Catholic Icing)

Children Discover the Mass (

A Child’s Guide to First Holy Communion (

First Communion Resources (Many Little Blessings)

First Communion Preparation and Printable Pattern eBook (Many Little Blessings)

How to Make a First Communion Banner (Many Little Blessings)

First Communion Ideas (Catholic Icing)

Catholic Mass Crafts

First Communion Banners (Catholic Icing)

Monstrance Craft (Catholic Icing)

Kids’ Mass Crafts (Mass Explained)

Catholic Mass Games

Holy Mass Games (That Resource Site)

Jeopardy Mass Game (Catholic Teacher Resources)

The Catholic Mass Parts PowerPoint Game (The Religion Teacher)

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  1. We had pew cards for the new translation, but I don’t know what happened to mine. No matter: I just made my own on my lap top, which I can also use on Christmas Eve in the gym–they don’t have the pew cards there. Now I just have to stop being cocky and USE them for all the parts that I’ve memorized over the decades that have changed! lol

  2. Jared, this is a great list. Thanks!

  3. Another great book is “The Mass”, by Susan Bateman and Catholic catechist and author Leonie Caldecott:

  4. Jo Davis says:

    Is there a beautiful video showing the beauty of the Mass the gathering of many . Fr Barron does a great job but I would like to know if there is something similar for 2nd graders.

  5. Alvina Mary says:

    Dear Jared,
    Do you have any lessons/ teaching resources/activities to teach young people about the universality of our Church? A way to introduce the 21 other Eastern Catholic rites and liturgy to show how our faith is celebrated in many different parts of the world?

    Thank you!

  6. Dear Jared,
    May the Good Lord Bless You always in your postulate work .
    To God Be The Glory!!!!!

  7. bozena says:

    Hi Jared,
    Do you have DVD for Sacrament for the First Holy Communion Preperation?

  8. Ayeene Bueno says:

    Thank you very much for your response to my inquiry. You have been very supportive.