“Bluff” the Review Game

Materials needed:
1) a list of questions from the study guide (or from the test)
2) note cards, popsickle sticks, etc. with students’ names

Number of teams: 2


  1. Ask the question to the entire team (make sure there is no talking).
  2. Students have the option to stand or sit. The teacher will count the number of students standing and announce the number.
  3. The teacher will randomly call on a student who is standing to answer the question using the note cards or popsickle sticks with the students’ names.
  4. If the student answers correctly, the team will be awarded points for every team member standing. **Students may “bluff” by standing even if they do not know the answer to score points for their team.
  5. If the student answers incorrectly, the question will be posed to the other team.

This game can be quite fun and allows you to involve the entire class. Each student must be listening closely to each question to try to score points. This also encourages students who are unsure of themselves to take risks and try to answer questions they might not volunteer to answer alone.

Some students may be so discouraged by the questions that they won’t stand up at all. Other students may get angry at the students who are sitting down all of the time or even angrier when they “bluff.” The sitting and standing can make it difficult to watch for cheating, but make sure no students are checking their notes or whispering/mouthing answers to teammates.

Inspired by Linda Tilton’s The Teacher’s Toolbox for Differentiating Instruction.


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  1. Oh – I really like this one. Like how you involve the entire group in one individual’s answer.

  2. Inca Blaze says:

    I love this game!

    My SS teacher does this sometimes- it’s really fun for everyone! I keep on bluffing, and since I’m regarded as another ‘smart kid’ in my grade, no one ever calls on me to answer! 😀

    Idea: Pick a team captain for both teams. The captain picks the person to answer!