Webinar Downloads: “Captivating Back-to-School Ideas for Religion Teachers”

Follow along with the presentation by downloading the handouts:

Download the Webinar Handouts (PDF)

The Back-to-School Exercises

  1. What’s Your BIG Why? (Day 1) 
  2. Visioning (Day 17)
  3. Update Your Classroom Procedures (Day 15)
  4. Offer Counterinuitive Prayer Practices
  5. Incorporate Music into Your Lesson (Day 27)
  6. Liberate Students from their Chairs (Day 28)
  7. Get to Know a Student Before or After Class (Day 10)
  8. Create Relevance by Identifying Student Strengths (Day 9)
  9. Create Relevance with Differentiated Instruction (Day 8)
  10. Write Out Why a Lesson is Important (Day 20)
  11. Recognize Your Relationship with Christ (Day 2)
  12. Read the Bible Practicing Lectio Divina (Day 4)
  13. Become a Witness (Day 31)
  14. Tell Your Story (Day 24)

Other Back-to-School Teaching Strategies

The 31 Days Book

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Free Leader’s Guide

The book comes with many supplemental resources including a leader’s guide for administrators and department chairs, many of which were featured in the webinar. Download the leader’s guide and other resources at www.thereligionteacher.com/31days/leader.

Free Lesson Planning eBook

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