Day 5: Spend Time Reading the Writings of a Saint

Of all of the activities in 31 Days to Becoming a Better Religious Educator, this one may be the easiest one to put off or skip. Resist the urge to make this more profound and difficult than it has to be.

Just pick a very short passage from the writings of a saint and start reading.

Read to find something that touches you and connects with what you have going on in your life. Once you come across a passage like that, dwell on it for a few moments. Journal about what you’ve read. Thank God for what you have read. Ask for the saint’s intercession.

Remember God is at work here. Trust in him to make this reading time worthwhile. Just start reading.

Free Copies of Writings of Saints

Check out the following websites for free copies of the writings of major saints. Otherwise, search the Internet or look for a cheap eBook on Amazon with the classic work of a saint. Many of them are available for less than $1.00.

Or look at your personal library. Do you have any writings of saints lying around the house or on bookshelves? Tolle lege! Take up and read.