Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel on Vatican Website – Activities

The Vatican has added another interactive feature to their website. Have you ever been to the Sistine Chapel? Have your students been? With so many things to see in Rome, I was never able to block out the time to wait in line to see it. A “virtual” tour may not be as good as the real thing, but it’s better than nothing!

First, go to the Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour website to preview it. If you have a LCD projector or SMART Board, then set aside some time to show it to your students. Otherwise, take a trip to the computer lab (or have students pull out their laptops) and have them complete the activity below.

1) Make copies (pages 1-2) of the worksheet below. Have students examine the pictures of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and identify the Biblical event or persons depicted. Give them the second and third page to check their answers.

2) You might also consider holding a contest. Give them a list of names and events and have them identify the number they think reveals them.

3) To really test their Biblical skills, have them search for the Scripture book, chapter, and verse of each event or person.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Worksheet

Journal Reflection

Imagine that you are in the Sistine Chapel for Mass. What part of the Church would you focus on before the Mass begins? Choose an image and meditate upon it in preparation for the next Mass you will attend.


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    Thanks for posting this. I have seen this but the worksheet is a great addition.