The Human Board Game to Review for Exams

Human Review Game BoardThis is one of the most fun review games I have used with my students. It is a human board game, because the students become the pieces and create the game board themselves. It is a great way to get students out of their desks and moving around.


1. The student who advances through the most spaces around the board, wins.

2. Each player will be asked a question. If they answer correctly, they will earn the ability to roll the dice. The player will roll one dice and the teacher will roll the other.

3. The player must follow the instructions on the space that they land, but will not be required to follow the instructions of the second space that they can be sent.

* Each player will roll the dice and the highest number will go first. Players will then go in alphabetical order (to help the teacher keep track of the order).


1. Create a list of questions. Like any review game, you will need a list of questions to ask students for the game. To keep the game moving at a quicker pace, give them multiple choice questions or true or false questions to answer. You can also have students create their own questions to submit for the game.

2. Create the game board pieces. This is a fun part. Distribute markers or colored pencils to the students. Divide forty sheets of paper among the students in your class. For larger classes you will need to divide them into smaller groups (see “Ideal Number of Players” below). Explain that they can create two game board spaces that have any message they want (move ahead three spaces; move back five spaces; switch with a player of your choosing; etc). Warn them that they cannot create a piece that automatically ends the game. Have them decorate a number of blank spaces as well so that there are 40 pieces with around a 1:5 ratio of wild spaces and blank spaces. Have one student create the “GO” or “START” space.

The students will come up with the funniest pieces. Here are some same game board pieces my students created:

Review Game Space: Swith Players

Review Game Space: Move Ahead

Review Game Space: Roll 12345

I promise you that your students will be just as creative!

3. Set up the game board. Arrange the pieces in a square around the room like Monopoly, making a large square around the desks in the classroom. If necessary, take the class to the gym or cafeteria to give them some more room to play.

Human Board Review Game


For classes larger than ten people, divide the class into groups and consider playing the games in the gym. Appoint one student from each group to read the questions and roll the die as if they were the teacher.

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  1. Sr. Susan Tippett says:

    Wow! what a wonderful suggestion! Any one have any other games like this one to share. I have an extremely active class this year in Grades 7 and 8.