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As I promised on the Catechetical Leader Podcast (episode #2), here is the list of catechetical blogs that I have found and followed over the past year.  If I missed one that you have created or that you follow, please submit it as a comment or email me.  I know the list is overwhelming so come back when you have the time to check them out or throw them in your RSS Feed Reader and start following them for later. 
I made my Google Reader folder “Religious Education” public.  You can check it out here: 

(in alphabetical order) 

Being Catholic
Archdiocese of Hartford
Resources and reflections about RCIA from the Archdiocese of Hartford.
Building the City of God
Derek Rotty
Reflections on theological concepts, saints, and Scriptures from a catechist-youth minister.
Catechesis for the 21st Century
The Office of Religious Education of the Archdiocese of Hartford
A forward-thinking office of religious education provides great resources for catechists and teachers in and outside of their diocese. 
Catechesis in the Third Millenium
William O’Leary
Great resources and reflections for parish DREs.
Catechist Community Blog (Catechist Magazine)
Catechist Magazine provides free articles online.
Catechist Corner
Carlos Torres
Carlos shares his experiences as a catechist. 
Catechist Resources
New blog with one teachers’ classroom resources.
Catechist’s Journey
Joe Paprocki
Maybe one of the best known catechist bloggers, Joe Paprocki shares his experience and expertise as an 8th grade catechist.
Catholic Faith Education
Gilles Cote
Quick links and resources that you could never find on your own from the creator of Resources for Catholic Educators. 
Catholic Icing
Unbeatable crafts and ideas for catechists, teachers, parents and more.
Lisa Hendey, Laura Grace, and Others is loaded with great Catholic resources included some columns for catechesis.  

Classroom Chronicles
Ann Lusch
Theology teacher sharing thoughts on teaching with technology.
Dan Pierson
Artciles, reviews, reflections, and suggestions for catechists.
Singapore Pastoral Institute
Reflections on catechesis from Singapore.
Engaging Faith
Michael Amodei, Jared Dees, and other Ave Maria Press staff
Lesson ideas, activities and more for adolescent catechesis from Ave Maria Press. 
Erin’s Blog
Erin McGeever
Catechetical information from the Diocese of St. Augustine Florida. 
Faith Formation Review
Reviews, written by students, of faith formation materials and resources.
Religious Education Program, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in East Lansing, Michigan
One parishes updates on their catechetical program.
Handing on the Faith
Maureen McKew
Archdiocese of Newark Catechetical Office’s Director of Communications provides updates on religious education.
Heart of Catechesis
Leonard Wathen
Resources and reviews based deeply in the catechism.
iEcho:  internet catechesis
Sean Ater and Staff from Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Interesting reflections about the Catholic faith.
In Layman’s Terms
Adam Janke, Nicholas Hardesty, Micah Murphy, Sean O’Brien, and Elizabeht Weidner
Rich in theological discussion on various topics of the Catholic faith.
Jonathan Sullivan
Thoughts and advice from the Jonathan Sullivan, the Director of Catechetical Ministries at the Diocese of Springfield. 
Litugy and Catechesis Shall Kiss
Joyce Donahue
An excellent blog focused on liturgical catechesis. 
My First Year
Allison Welch
A first year theology teacher shares her experiences of teaching and motherhood.
ORE en Espanol
Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Hartford
The Archdiocese of Hartford provides resources for those involved in Spanish speaking catechetical ministry.   
RE Teacher
Creative craft activities for religious educators.
Reaching Out
Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association
Some great tips and articles on evangelization and catechesis. 
Resources for Creative
Sidney Media Center in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
A great service for the Cincinnati diocese and all catechists in general.
Smaller Manhattans
Christian LeBlanc
Various thoughts and reflections mostly related to catechesis.
Nick Wagner, Diana Macalintal, Rita Ferrone, Miriam Malone, SNJM, and Rita Burns Senseman
Focuses specifically on the RCIA, this team of experts provides great advice to anyone leading parish RCIA programs.
The Blog That’s All About the RCIA
Association for Catechumenal Ministry
Free resources for RCIA coordinators, team members, clergy.
The Catholic Toolbox (formerly I bog, therefore I am)
Laura Grace
The best catechetical games you will find particularly useful for elementary age children.
The Idea Exchange
William O’Leary
An experiment in resource sharing for catechists. 
The Religion Teacher
Jared Dees
Practical resources and effective teaching strategies for religoius educators, catechists, and Catholic school religion teachers. 
Today’s Parish
Nick Wagner and various others
Resources and advice for parish ministers, catechists included.

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  1. Nick Senger says:

    I enjoyed listening to you on the Catholic Leader Podcast and have added a link to your blog on my latest project, One Catholic Life. Thanks for sharing all the Religious Ed blogs. Blessings!

    Nick Senger

  2. Jared Dees, M.Ed. says:

    Thanks, Nick! I will certainly check out One Catholic Life.

  3. Amazing_Grace says:

    Thank you for the link to my blog. I hope others find it useful helping them in their classroom or at home.