Frequently Asked Questions: The New Roman Missal Student Activity Pack

Questions about The Religion Teacher’s New Roman Missal Student Activity Pack? Don’t see your question listed below? Add a comment at the bottom of the page with your question.

1. I am having trouble opening the files. What do I do now?

First, make sure you have extracted all of the files (unzip all of the files) before you try to open them. You may need to try other unzip programs such as WinRar, 7zip, or IZArc. If you are still unable to open the files, please send an email explaining your problem along with any error messages you see and the version of Windows, Microsoft Office, or Mac software you are using.

2. Can I have a sample of The New Roman Missal Student Activity Pack?

All of the resources are distributed digitally so samples of the entire pack are not being provided. However, there are sample posts with resources from the pack on this site.

3. Can I use these materials in presentations I give to my parish or school?

Absolutely. You are welcome to display the resources in presentations for your parish or school or use them to teach about the new Roman Missal. However, please do not share the packet in its entirety to those outside of your parish staff, faculty, or volunteers. Do not post the resources publicly online. (Those who have purchased as individuals should ask their parishes or schools to purchase the group version of the resource pack.)

4. Can I email the resources to all of the families in my parish to use at home?

No, please direct families to to purchase the product in its entirety for themselves. You may email specific resources as a part of a take-home assignment to students and parents, but please use your best judgement in sharing anything by email.