The Religion Teacher’s Jesse Tree Kit

I am very excited to offer two Advent resources exclusively at The Religion Teacher: The Religion Teachers’ Advent Activity Pack and The Religion Teacher’s Jesse Tree Kit. Advent is an incredibly busy time for teachers and catechists. There is so much to do but so little time. In the meantime, the season of Advent is such an important time of preparation for the coming of Christ. The resources in these two products are meant to provide teachers and catechists with easy-to-implement lesson plans, worksheets, videos, prayers, reflections, and activities that will have a high impact on their students’ experience of Advent. 

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The Religion Teacher’s Jesse Tree Kit

The Religion Teacher’s Jesse Tree Kit is a special set of resources that can be used by catechists, teachers, and parents to prepare their children for the coming of Christ throughout the month of December. This Jesse Tree kit includes twenty-four Jesse Tree ornaments and symbols.

All twenty-four ornaments in The Religion Teacher’s Jesse Tree Kit come with a handout that includes daily:

  • Scripture suggestions
  • explanations of the symbols
  • alternative symbol suggestions
  • reflections
  • and short prayers

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What is a Jesse Tree?

Jesse was the father of King David and the great-great-(many greats)-grandfather of Jesus. The concept of a Jesse tree comes from the prophecy of Isaiah, which reads:

“But a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse, and from his roots a bud shall blossom.” (Isaiah 11:1)

Christians attribute this passage to Jesus Christ. Jesus was the branch (shoot) and flower (bud) that grew out of the stump (roots) of Jesse’s tree. Sometime around the middle ages, stained-glass windows begin to depict the family tree of Jesus as “Jesse Trees.” The connection between a family tree and the tree of Jesse seemed like an obvious connection. In many homes and classrooms around the world, ornaments with symbols representing key people and events of Salvation History are hung on a tree between December 1 and December 24.

The Ornaments in the Jesse Tree Kit

1. December 1: Adam and Eve
2. December 2: Noah
3. December 3: Abraham
4. December 4: Isaac
5. December 5: Jacob
6. December 6: Joseph
7. December 7: Moses
8. December 8: Ruth
9. December 9: Samuel
10. December 10: Jesse
11. December 11: David
12. December 12: Solomon
13. December 13: Isaiah
14. December 14: Jeremiah
15. December 15: Mary
16. December 16: Joseph
17. December 17: John the Baptist
18. December 18: O Wisdom
19. December 19: O Lord
20. December 20: O Flower of Jesse’s Stem
21. December 21: O Key of David
22. December 22: O Radiant Dawn
23. December 23: O King of the Nations
24. December 24: O Emmanuel

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