Danielle Rose Music: Mysteries of the Rosary CD

In 2002, Pope John Paul II put out the apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae (RVM). In this letter the Pope reiterated his personal devotion to the rosary and power of praying the rosary. This letter was the inspiration for a beautiful collection of prayerful songs written and performed by an amazingly talented young musician Danielle Rose.

Many people have told Danielle’s inspiring story. Two of the best renditions are her personal biography on World Library Press and a beautiful article entitled “A Harvest of Holiness: The Theology of Danielle Rose’s Mysteries,” written by Brad S. Gregory.

Teaching the Mysteries with the Music
We used these beautiful songs to introduce each mystery of the rosary. Whenever possible we would listen to the song as a class and then analyze Danielle Rose’s lyrics. This activity not only provided profound lessons in theology, but it was also a great lesson on perspective since most of Danielle’s songs are written from the perspective of a key figure in the Bible story. For example the song about the Finding of our Lord in the Temple is written from Joseph’s perspective and the story of the Birth of Our Lord is written from the perspective of the Star of Bethlehem.

Create Centers
For elementary students, place these songs in centers so they can learn more about each mystery. At each center have them listen to the song, read scripture stories and explore other sources to learn more about each mystery. My students loved the songs so much that the CDs became a staple in my classroom as I am sure they will be in your room too!

You can download mp3s of the songs on amazon or buy the entire CD

This summary and activity was written by Jennifer Dees.


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