The Religion Teacher’s Catholic Social Teaching Activity Pack

cst-coverOne thing is for certain: students are (or will be) passionate about Catholic Social Teaching. There is an inherent desire in each one of them to help others and make a difference in the world.

The Church’s focus on social justice is probably one of the most common ways young people identify with the Catholic Church today (even if they aren’t Catholic themselves).

However, the Church’s stance on many social and political issues is sometimes misunderstood or misrepresented. We want our young people to have a strong foundation of the accurate perspective on Catholic Social Teaching so they can live and articulate what and why we believe what we believe.

That is the goal for this collection of teaching resources: give students a foundational understanding of Catholic Social Teaching today so that they can live and defend the Church’s teaching on social justice issues.

In this activity pack you will find:

  • Worksheets on each key¬†principle of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Catholic Social Teaching word search and crossword puzzle
  • Catholic Social Teaching flashcards
  • Videos and graphic organizers
  • A lesson plan introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
  • A Catholic Social Teaching quiz

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