Jubilee Year of Mercy Activities and Worksheets

From Advent 2015 to the end of the liturgical year in 2016, the Catholic Church is celebrating a Jubilee Year of Mercy. Pope Francis is encouraging the entire Church to meditate on God’s mercy in their lives and to share that mercy with others. The following resources may help you in planning your Year of […]

If You Can’t Change What They Think, Change What They Feel

When I was a high school theology teacher, there were two incredibly intelligent students that, I have to admit, were a challenge to teach. Ben and Jerry (not their real names) were smarter than me and they liked to show it. Any chance they got, they would question what I was teaching with counter-arguments and […]

Nickel and Dimed Discussion Questions

A popular book used in social justice courses is Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich. For schools who have assigned this book on the summer reading list or for an assignment during the year, consider integrating the Nickel and Dimed discussion questions that are offered below. For those who […]

A Class Divided: An Attention Grabbing Lesson on Prejudice and Racism

Teaching about prejudice and racism calls for more than just direct instruction and lecture. Using inductive teaching strategies is crucial to grabbing students’ attention. Some of the most memorable lessons that I have taught incorporated some authentic role-playing on my part. The best example of authentic role-playing by a teachers is featured in the PBS […]

USCCB on US Economic Life

The USCCB has a great new resource on their website titled “Catholic Teaching on Economic Life.” They have made it the clearing house for information on Catholic Social teaching. If you teach social justice, bookmark it now and refer back to it later this year. You will find resources and information on the Church’s Catholic […]

New Papal Encyclical: Caritas in Veritate

Pope Benedict XVI’s newest encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth), was released this week on the eve of the G-8 Summit in Italy. The encyclical offers a great opportunity for theology teachers and catechists who teach classes on social justice particularly in the areas of global poverty. The Holy Father chose the global economy […]

Top 10 Resources on the USCCB Website

http://www.usccb.org/The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a number of resources that religion teacher and catechists may find helpful on their very extensive website. Most of the information is directed toward an older audience, so you can find some good background reading for yourself. In my opinion, these are the top ten most useful […]