Video: Mortal Sin vs. Venial Sin

Members: Access and print the graphic organizer for this video and download your own copy of the video to play in class here. (Login or join.) Scripture and the Catholic Church make clear distinctions between two different kinds of sin based on the gravity of sin: mortal sin and venial sin. First, let’s define “sin.” Sin is an […]

Why do I have to confess my sins to a priest in the Catholic Church?

With the recent buzz around the new Confession iPhone App by LittleiApps, I thought it might be a timely discussion about the often asked question, “Why do I need to confess my sins to a priest?” The reasons might surprise you.

Do Catholics Worship Mary?

No, Catholics do not worship or adore Mary. Catholics hold Mary in a special place of honor and venerate her with special devotions such as the Rosary. The first point of confusion related to this issue is terminology. So let’s clarify a few words: worship, adoration, veneration, and devotion. If you look them up, they […]

Why is the third Sunday of Advent pink? (Why is the third candle in the Advent wreath pink?)

I inevitably got this question from my students during the 3rd week of Advent. So what is the best way to answer it? You could Google it and find a number of reasons: Purple is a penitential color of fasting while pink (rose) is the color of joy. The 3rd Sunday in Advent is Gaudete […]