Sacrament of Baptism Activities

This is a collection of activities to use with young people to help them learn about the Sacrament of Baptism. These Baptism activities are designed for kids who have already been baptized and are meant to help children gain a deeper understanding of their vocation and identity as baptized Christians.

Sacrament of Baptism Activities

General Sacrament of Baptism Activities for Kids

Sacrament of Baptism Activities (The Catholic Toolbox)

Ideas for Teaching Kids about Baptism (Catholic Icing)

Guided Meditation on Our Baptisms (Engaging Faith)

Activities for the Feast of the Baptism of Christ (Catholic Culture)

Comparing Accounts of Jesus’ Baptism (Engaging Faith)

Sacrament of Baptism Symbols Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of Baptism Effects Video (The Religion Teacher Members)

Sacrament of Baptism Printables and Worksheets

Celebrating Baptism Writing Response Activity, Grades K-1 (Kinder-Craze)

Sacrament of Baptism Coloring Page (Waltzing Matilda)

Catholic Sacraments Coloring Pages, including Baptism (St Anne’s Helper)

Sacrament of Baptism Word Search (

It All Begins with Baptism Crossword Puzzle (St. Brendan Church)

Baptism and Confirmation Crossword Puzzle (St. Mary’s Press)

Sacrament of Baptism Games

Sacrament of Baptism File Folder Game (The Catholic Toolbox)

Seven Sacraments Matching Game (The Catholic Toolbox)

 Sacrament of Baptism Crafts

Holy Spirit / Dove Paper Plate Craft (Catholic Icing)

Holy Spirit Handprint Craft (Catholic Icing)

Bible Craft for the Letter D (Dove) (Catholic Icing)

Holy Water Bottle Craft (Catholic Icing)

Baptism Crafts for Kids (eHow)

Baptism of Our Lord Wreath Craft (Catholic Inspired)

Baptism of Our Lord Shell Craft (Catholic Inspired)

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  1. Katherine Storey says:

    I would like to know where I can find a video or DVD of a Catholic Baptism. I am the Grade k Coordinator at my parish here in Maryland and we recently had our resources damaged from a flooded room. Ironically, I teach the Great Flood for my class, no pun intended lol. Thank you very much for your help, God’s Peace Katherine Storey.